These Walls Can Talk

23 Jun These Walls Can Talk

Repost from an article I wrote at Dwell.

Congratulations, wallpaper…you no longer look or feel like my grandmother’s living room. Freed from a past of gauche ubiquity, wallpaper is now beautifully designed and updated with modern flair and functionality. Designers Mike & Maaike have taken wallpaper a step further by incorporating the basic universal communication system as a graphic element. It’s called Wayfinder. It can be used to guide people through complex transportation centers and office buildings. Or, simply direct people towards basic necessities such as…the bathroom.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.26.24 PM

This dynamic wallpaper is instantly recognizable from a distance and integrates decorative and symbolic designs known throughout the world. Be it a bustling airport, an industrial workspace, an art gallery, or college campus, this wallpaper instantly bridges the gap between form and function with a decidedly modern twist.


So go ahead…find your way.

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